Lab History and Collaborators

Bill_Banks As a graduate student, Eve Isham was introduced to the study of consciousness by her late advisor and friend, William (“Bill”) Banks (Pomona College). Bill was the founder and former editor-in-chief of Consciousness and Cognition and played a significant role in consciousness research. A careful and thoughtful scientist, Bill’s final project was on the mechanisms of the timing of intention – subtle, yet highly essential investigation to the understanding of agency and free will. Although Bill is no longer with us, but we will carry on his scientific mission.

At the time, the term consciousness was still a forbidden word in science. Now, consciousness is one of the final frontiers of mind research. Dr. Isham’s research revolves around the behavioral components and neural basis of internality and free will, time perception and temporal awareness, and action-based decision making. In addition to conducting experimental studies, Dr. Isham is also actively involved in various professional organizations, serving as the Treasurer for the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, and is an editorial board member at KronoScope: Journal for the Study of Time.



Andy Yonelinas, UC Davis
Arne Ekstrom, UC Davis
Bill Prinzmetal, UC Berkeley
Carly Leonard, UC Davis
Joy Geng, UC Davis
Liz Disbrow, UC Davis
Peter Steinmetz, Barrow Neurological Institute
Rodrigo Quian Quiroga, University of Leicester
Steve Luck, UC Davis